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Feb 13, 2017

Marathon Deposit Drilling Continues Success with 3.92 g/t Au over 75 meters and 3.84 g/t Au over 60 meters, Valentine Lake Gold Camp

TORONTO, ON -- February 13, 2017, - Marathon Gold Corporation ("Marathon" or the "Company") (TSX: MOZ) is delighted to announce continued success in intersecting wide intervals of excellent grade gold in new drill holes from the 2017 winter drilling campaign at the Marathon Deposit, Valentine Lake Gold Camp. Best intercepts included 3.92 g/t Au (uncut) over 75.0 meters with 9.46 g/t Au over 5.0 meters and 33.39 g/t Au (uncut) over 5.0 meters in MA-17-160, and 3.84 g/t Au (uncut) over 60.0 meters with 11.90 g/t (uncut) over 9.0 in MA-17-161.

The Marathon Deposit has a current well defined strike length of over 550 meters, has been traced to depth more than 500 meters, and is open both along strike and to depth. The sub-vertical and 50 to 100-meter wide main mineralized corridor of the Marathon Deposit consists of tightly spaced and gently-SW dipping arrays of en-echelon stacked quartz-tourmaline-pyrite-gold (QTP) veining. The new near-vertical drill holes MA-17-160 and MA-17-161, as well as previously released near-vertical drill holes MA-17-158 and MA-17-159 (Figure 1), were designed to penetrate from surface to as much as 500-meters depth through these stacked, flat laying, en-echelon quartz-tourmaline-pyrite-gold bearing vein arrays, thus proving the continuity of the gold mineralization both vertically as well as along strike through the Marathon Deposit. The geometry of the gently dipping and vertically stacked QTP veining is analogous to the stacking of packets of cards within a deck of cards that are separated by small zones of more weakly gold mineralized rock. This style of gold veining is common to orogenic gold systems, such as the Val-d'Or district, Quebec.

These latest excellent drill results will be incorporated into the upcoming resource update for the Marathon Deposit which is expected to be released by the end of February, 2017. A second resource update, expected to be completed later this year, will be property wide at the Valentine Lake Gold Camp. Drilling with two rigs now continues around the clock at the Marathon Deposit.

  • Best intercepts in MA-17-160 include: 3.92 g/t Au (uncut) over 75.0 meters with 9.46 g/t Au over 5.0 meters and 33.39 g/t Au (uncut) over 5.0 meters as well as 2.37 g/t Au over 18 meters with 7.78 g/t Au over 4.0 meters, 2.75 g/t Au over 17.0 meters with 3.49 g/t Au over 10.0 meters, and 2.62 g/t Au over 15.0 meters with 5.62 g/t Au over 3.0 meters.
  • Best intercepts in MA-17-161 include: 3.84 g/t Au (uncut) over 60.0 meters with 6.17 g/t Au over 4.0 meters and 11.90 g/t (uncut) over 9.0 meters as well as 2.41 g/t Au over 22.0 meters with 4.68 g/t Au over 6.0 meters and 2.97 g/t Au over 7.0 meters.
  • Near-vertical infill drill holes MA-17-160 and MA-17-161, as well as previously released MA-17-158 and MA-17-159 (Figure 1), collared within the core of the Marathon mineralized corridor (Figure 1), penetrate normal (900) to and down-through the gentle SW dipping en-echelon stacked QTP veining of the Marathon mineralized corridor. These four near-vertical drill holes successfully demonstrate the vertical continuity of the strong gold mineralization from near surface to more than 500 meters of depth in the Marathon Deposit.
  • The 50 to 100-meter wide (TT), sub-vertical mineralized corridor of the Marathon Deposit has a current well defined strike length of over 550 meters, extends to depth for more than 500 meters, and is open both along strike and to depth. The alteration and mineralized corridor of the Marathon Deposit, including the 2015 open pit resource shell, now extends NE-SW along strike for at least 1.7 kilometers (Figure 1). Detailed drilling has covering only 30% of that current 1.7 km strike length. Future drilling will focus on expanding the Marathon Deposit both along strike and to depth.
"We are very excited by the continued success of our Marathon Deposit drilling which is proving up our model of a sub-vertical, 50 to 100-meter wide mineralized corridor composed of close-stacked and shallow SW dipping quartz-tourmaline-pyrite-gold vein arrays. The new drilling has intersected consistent good open-pit and underground minable gold grades to more than 500-meters vertical depth. Our main goal at the Marathon Deposit is expanding the mineralized corridor further to the SW along strike this year", said Phillip Walford, President and CEO of Marathon. The aggressive 2017 winter drilling campaign continues as we look forward to the release of the Marathon Deposit resource update in later February, 2017.

TABLE 1: Significant fire assay intervals from drill holes MA-17-160 and MA-17-161, Marathon Gold Deposit, Valentine Lake Gold Camp.

DDH Section From To Core
Gold g/t Gold g/t
MA-17-160 17270 89 92 3 2.9 1.41  
    134 209 75 71.3 3.92 2.29
including   138 140 2 1.9 6.43  
including   160 165 5 4.8 9.46  
including   183 188 5 4.8 33.39 8.96
including   203 205 2 1.9 6.26  
    218 236 18 17.1 2.37  
including   227 231 4 3.8 7.78  
    312 329 17 16.2 2.75  
including   326 329 3 2.9 6.67  
    337 340 3 2.9 1.71  
    346 349 3 2.9 3.78  
    371 381 10 9.5 3.49  
    407 410 3 2.9 4.92  
    432 437 5 4.8 3.50  
    458 463 5 4.8 4.05  
    484 499 15 14.3 2.62  
including   489 492 3 2.9 5.62  
including   494 496 2 1.9 5.22  
MA-17-161 17300 73 83 10 9.5 2.75  
including   78 81 3 2.9 6.84  
    95 155 60 57.0 3.84 2.78
including   102 106 4 3.8 6.17  
including   110 119 9 8.6 11.90 6.21
including   126 127 1 1.0 44.84 33.00
including   154 155 1 1.0 13.56  
    245 248 3 2.9 1.51  
    272 294 22 20.9 2.41  
including   276 282 6 5.7 4.68  
including   285 286 1 1.0 4.58  
    303 310 7 6.7 2.97  
including   303 305 2 1.9 4.94  
including   309 310 1 1.0 8.17  

Figure 1: Location map showing the new drill holes MA-17-160 and MA-17-161 as well as the previously released deep targeted drill holes MA-16-101, MA-16-107, MA-16-109, MA-16-111, MA-16-112, MA-16-113, MA-16-116, MA-16-127, MA-16-128, MA-16-130, MA-16-136 and MA-16-149, MA-16-150, MA-16-151, MA-16-152, MA-16-153, MA-16-154, MA-16-155, MA-16-156, MA-17-158, MA-17-159 and extended drill holes MA-15-032 and MA-15-047. Figure 1 also shows the 2015 Marathon Deposit resource pit shell, the more than 500-meter strike length of the deeper high-grade mineralized corridor as well as the more than 1 kilometer strike length of the near surface mineralization.

All of the samples were fire assayed at Eastern Analytical Laboratory Ltd., in Springdale, Newfoundland.

Marathon Gold Corporation acknowledges the financial support of the JEA Program, Department of Natural Resources, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Research and Development Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador has granted approximately 75% of the costs of the current metallurgical program to Marathon Gold and we appreciate this support.

Sherry Dunsworth, M.Sc., P. Geo., VP of Exploration, Marathon's Qualified Person, has reviewed the contents for accuracy and has approved this press release on behalf of Marathon. All core samples were collected using established QC/QA protocols including insertion of blanks, standards and duplicates at regular intervals in each sample batch. All reported core samples were analyzed for Au by fire assay (30g) with AA finish at Eastern Analytical Limited, Springdale, NL. Significant mineralized intervals are reported in Table 1 as core lengths and estimated true thickness (95% of core length).

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Marathon Gold Corporation (TSX: MOZ) is a gold exploration company rapidly advancing its 100% owned Valentine Lake Gold Camp located in Newfoundland, one of the top mining jurisdictions in the world. The Valentine Lake property currently hosts four near-surface, mainly pit-shell constrained, gold resources totaling 1,060,100 oz. gold at 2.20 g/t (Measured & Indicated) and 200,000 oz. gold at 2.85 g/t (Inferred), (April 2015). These resources occur over a 20-km system of gold bearing veins -- much of the 24,000-hectare property has not been explored in detail to date. The 2016 drilling campaign at the Marathon Deposit has outlined a significant underground resource in addition to the current resource. Drilling in 2017 will continue to focus on expanding the Marathon Deposit at surface and to depth with a resource update expected by the end of February 2017. The property is accessible by year-round round, and is located within Newfoundland's electrical grid. The Company has constructed and maintains a 50-person all-season camp at the project. Recent metallurgical tests have demonstrated 93% to 98% recoveries via conventional milling and 50% to 70% recoveries via low cost heap leaching at both the Leprechaun and Marathon Deposits.To find out more information on the Valentine Lake Gold Camp please visit

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